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Trinity is Classical

Classical Education offers a time-tested approach that emphasizes rigorous academics, character development, and critical thinking skills.

By engaging with classical texts, students gain a deep understanding of history, literature, and philosophy, fostering a well-rounded education. This holistic approach nurtures curiosity, cultivates disciplined minds, and prepares students for academic success and personal growth.

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Trinity is Christian

At Trinity, faith and learning integrate seamlessly, grounded in the centrality of the Bible.

This integration shapes students’ character and values, creating a community that fosters spiritual, academic, and social growth. With a strong moral compass and a sense of purpose, students navigate life’s complexities with integrity.

Trinity is Hybrid

Trinity’s innovative hybrid approach combines dynamic in-person learning for three days with two days of independent learning at home, where students complete a full day of assignments including reading, research, writing and projects.

This flexible model fosters strengthens the partnership between families and the school, creating creating a supportive environment that maximizes academic achievement and holistic development.